Power Apps – Enable SharePoint integration with Dataverse

In today’s blog, I am sharing how can you enable SharePoint integration with Dataverse. Are you wondering why & when you should use this? Well, this could be a use case where you had moved data to Dataverse but still want to keep all your documents in SharePoint.

However, if the size of the document is huge, and you don’t want to keep it in SharePoint or there are organizational reasons you can choose to move your data to may be Azure blob storage.

Let us open advanced settings and navigate to document management

Let us start the easy steps of enabling the server-based SharePoint integration. If you already have this enabled, you will have One Drive integration here, I have this screenshot in the blog below.

It will give you information on what you could do once the integration is enabled.

On the next page, it will ask you whether you are integrating to an online or on-premise SharePoint site. In this blog, I will be integrating with the Online SharePoint site.

Specify the URL of your SharePoint site, make sure you copy-paste to avoid any mistakes.

The integration is almost complete with a successful validation.

If you get any error at this stage, make sure you have the access to both SharePoint and Dataverse or you logged in with the correct service account.

You will now notice that the ‘Enable server-based SharePoint integration’ no longer appears and we have OneNote integration.

Let’s now work with Document Management Settings as part of the next steps.  This will enable the documents tab in all the entities/tables selected. Enter the same SharePoint site which was used in previous steps.

I have selected Account, Contact & knowledge article here.

You can choose to decide the folder structure. If you select based on entity, separate folders will be created for account and contact. Each contact record will have its folder as shown in the screenshot below.

If the status message shows canceled, wait some time, go to the previous step and come back to this step unless the status message shows succeeded, as per the screenshot below.

Now, let us test, using a contact record. You will notice that a new tab ‘Documents’ has appeared. If this tab is not visible, this tab could be in a related section as well.

Let us try to upload a document. Notice that the max upload limit is 50 MB per document.

If the end-user has all the access the document will be attached.

If you move over to SharePoint, you will notice that a new folder is created under the contact folder with a contact name and the attached document is inside the new folder.

We will talk about security access in our next blog. Meanwhile, you can read the official documentation here.

Hope this helps!

Keep reading, keep enjoying, keep exploring!

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