Dataflow sneak peek

I have been playing around with Dataflows for quite some time and it’s amazing how the product group has made it easy to transfer, transform & update data to the destination.

A quick sneak peek on Dataflows on what’s updated/new –

  1. The way error details were shown is updated. Previously there was a .csv file downloaded from the refresh history section. Now you also get it on screen. It is giving a similar experience to in Power Apps studio.

So now once you click on the error icon, a window pop-ups

You can see the details below, and you can even copy them from the window.

Finally, the Get help takes you this docs page –

2. Data source name change

Power Platform dataflows source name changed to Dataflows

I can’t wait to see what’s more in store for Dataflows. Kudos to the Product group team on this.

Interested in reading more about Dataflows? Read my other two blogs –

Get started with Dataflows

Dataflows – Common issues, limitations, recommendations

Keep reading, keep enjoying, keep exploring!

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