Trigger Power Automate flow from PowerApps

We are going to do a quick sample Power App example today. We will call a flow from Power App & Send some data as well with the flow. Depending upon your use case, you may or may not send data. But that’s completely fine, I will list some scenarios for both cases.

Amidst of cold, I & my Power App lost senses, and I forgot to save it. So, I had to redo my app. Conclusion -> SAVE YOUR APP!

Today I have taken a Label, a text input & a button for showing the capability.

The label is just for user-friendly names, text input for sending over any user input & button to call the flow. So, it looks like this –

NoteI have a blank default value for the text input & used Hint text. So, when you run the app & start typing, hint text goes automatically as compared to Default

Let’s call the flow now with the click of a button. Select the button, click on the Action button & click on Power Automate.

A window will open on the right side showing existing flows in the same environment. You can either choose one of them or create a new one.

NoteAs a good practice, create your flow first.

I am adding existing flow in this scenario.

Once the flow is added, it will automatically provide you a formula.

Depending upon any parameters required in your flow, pass them in the formula.


And this is good to go. Let’s also have a quick look at the flow I am using for this.

The flow has two things, a PowerApps trigger & Send an email action.

I am using the input passed from Power Apps, in my email body as shown below. The parameters are available in the dynamic content section of the flow.

NoteIt is recommended to inform users that it is an auto-generated email (You can draft a complete sentence here)

If you choose to make flow first, then use the dynamic variable – Ask in PowerApps

Listing some common business scenarios

Send notification about create or update

Send approval emails

Submit form or leave request

Trigger another process from power apps

Status change of field

Hope this helps!

Keep reading, keep enjoying, keep exploring!

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