Automate with Power RSS connector

Do you want to be updated with all the news without searching it, then you have landed at the right place? I am going to show you a quick demo on how you can leverage Power Platform & use the RSS feed for the same. Let the information walk to you instead of you going to it.

Before we continue, I would like you to know that I am sharing a simple use case of posting on Twitter & LinkedIn. However, there are so many use cases of what needs to be actioned. Some of them include, send them to yourself on email, have push notifications, post it on Microsoft Teams, and many more. Explore the template section for some existing use cases.

Let us build our RSS feed flow now. I am going to use Automated cloud flow & will use RSS feed as a trigger.

You can either choose to give your flow a name now & search for your trigger or you can completely skip & do the same on the designer page of the flow.

I am now providing a name to my flow that is easy enough to understand. Please note you must follow a naming convention; this will help you easily locate the specific flow you looking for.

Once the RSS feed trigger is added, specify the URL. For this blog, I have taken PowerApps blog feed URL. Select the property when you want to publish the blog. PublishDate is immediate & as soon the blog is published you will get the notification as well.

Note – Make sure “/feed/“is added to avoid any error. /feed provides the blog in the XML version of the blog.

Add an action for Tweet to be posted. This will allow a new tweet to be created whenever the blog is published. You can decide the Tweet text & yes you can add emojis here as well along with hashtags.

Feed Title – is the title of the blog

Primary feed link – this is the URL of the specific blog & will take you to the webpage directly if you click.

Now to add LinkedIn, you can either choose to go to the next step or add a parallel branch. This will help us to post at the same time even If one of them fails.

Search for the LinkedIn connector. You will see below two.

Please note that if you want to publish the blog on the company page, you will need to ‘Share a company update’. The access to company page would be mandatory. Else choose ‘Share an article’ to publish on your LinkedIn page.

Update the LinkedIn action as per the above screenshot.

Text is the main section that will be visible & posted on your LinkedIn page.

Content URL – is the unique link of the blog.

The overall flow should look like the below. Save the blog & make sure you have turned on the flow.

You can read more about the RSS, Twitter & LinkedIn connector in the below links –

RSS Connector

Twitter Connector

LinkedIn Connector

Tip – Make sure you add comments to your actions & triggers and document your flow. Thank me later 🙂

Keep reading, keep enjoying, keep exploring!

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