Thankful & Grateful

Saying Thank You & Sorry is a big deal for many of us. We have taken so many things for granted that we did not appreciate what we have, be it your family or your colleague at work or even your best friend, who would have listened to all your melodrama.

So, I am dedicating this post to all of you out there. It is a non-technical post, and you may stop reading as this is not related to Dynamics 365 CRM or Power Platform.

A big thanks to each & every one of you. Directly or indirectly, you have motivated me. The past year has been stressful for all of us. We never thought we would be at home for a year & will not meet near & dear ones. Many people lost jobs while others worked from home long hours. Having said it, we all need to take a pause & accept the changes. Also, we need to inform about the time boundaries, so we can switch our roles & responsibilities and make time for our priorities. Our family & friends need us as well. We missed traveling, meeting family & friends, colleagues. We missed eating at our favorite restaurant and going to places like parks, gym, swimming pools/beaches.

My year was not less than a roller coaster too. It was also full of ups & downs, and that happens with everyone. With time, I finished reading almost 4-5 novels a past year that helped me change my mood after office hours. I got the chance to be a speaker at Microsoft Ignite in September 2019. I also started studying little by little and managed to do the certification. Big thanks to Microsoft for the Learning Paths.

With the new normal that we all have accepted, working hours are better now. People understand boundaries. Saying no & hearing no is normal. We are getting better at accepting limitations & understanding priorities. Glad that people understood that taking time off from the digital world & office work is also mandatory. I have asked my teammates to log off & do not be online after a particular time (PS There were no burning issues 😊).

With New Year & new Hopes, the biggest happiness came as well. I am so grateful for the Microsoft MVP award that made my day. As the saying goes, you will not feel it until you receive the award. The same happened with me, holding the trophy is a cherry on the cake. It motivates me to do more for my D365 Champs community as well as to extend my help to other communities. It made me believe that there are good people who will surely see good in you. I will continue to help the D365 Champs community, will meet new people & will help the needy. Connect with #D365Champs on LinkedIn & Twitter.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank my husband & my parents who supported me all the way. Also a big thank to all of you again and hope that you have a great year ahead.

Keep reading, keep enjoying, keep exploring!

2 thoughts on “Thankful & Grateful

  1. Hi Roma,
    Congratulations, well done. You fully deserve it. I am happy about your success. You are younger than me, but one of the most important idols for my future goal. I will follow you to share the same result for a day. w you to share the one-day same result.

    Liked by 1 person

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