CCD on Mondays – 10 things you must check out

Hope you had an awesome Monday & enjoying your coffee. I have had a pretty busy last week & today as well. I still have a couple of calls to attend before I sign off for the day. In today’s blog, I am writing about quick 10 things to mandatory check while using Click Dimensions.

Let us go to the Click Dimensions Settings page under the Click Dimensions tab.

Tracking Script – The script to be added to your website for tracking the customers or leads and their area of interest. This will be identified based on the paged viewed, click-throughs & the time spent on a page. You can find here a script for web tracking, opt-out, and some additional tracking script.

Usage – The most important section to keep a track of how many emails has been used from your Email bundle. This will give you a view on usage by Day, Month & Year. Other than this data, it will also provide similar stats on Form Posts, Surveys, Subscriptions, Page Views, SMS & connection errors.

Service Credentials – The beginning of a handshake between Dynamics 365 & Click Dimensions is dependent on the credentials entered here. It helps you have a smooth handshake between the two systems. You will visit this section if you want to update your username & password

Error Log – In case you faced issues with Email sends, for example, you will visit this section to see the error details, You can even use this error log details to discuss with Click Dimensions support engineer. Any kind of technical glitches faced, will be logged in this section.

Solution Management – Based on the choice of the upgrade, you will visit the section to keep your Click Dimensions solution UpToDate

Subscription Management Settings – Subscriptions are managed here. You choose either Opt-in or Opt-out. Based on this, the customers then choose to opt-out or opt-in.

Social Marketing Settings – You can add a social connector from here & can also have admin profile setup to receive occasional notifications

Filters – You can mention specific IP or domain for which no tracking data is required in Dynamics 365

DNS Settings – You set CNAME for email links from here. It’s not necessary setting though

Domains – You add domains here to be tracked along with CNAMEs. You can have multiple domains and there is no limitation.

So, these are quick 10 things you must check out in Click Dimensions setting page. Do let me know yours in comments below.

If you want to get support or talk to super helpful support agent you can always go to

Keep reading, keep enjoying, keep exploring!

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